is a site where you can watch your favourite videos and channels. In short, it is well known for the streaming device or as a streaming device. It is also a type of TV where you can watch shows or movies whenever you want and wherever you want to watch. The remote control is in your hands. The subscription of Roku gives channels like HULU, Netflix, HBO, Disney, Amazon, YouTube, etc. You can even watch the movie for free on a Roku subscription. It also gives clear and high definition video quality. There are thousands of channels on Roku. You can even download your favourite movies and videos whenever and wherever you want. You can even be confidential with your billing and payment details with Roku. It keeps these things safe. You can trust Roku for these things. Roku is activated based on the product key and account.

 Follow the below steps to create an account on Roku:-

  • Open your device like PC or smartphone or any other. Then open the browser of the device.
  • Then enter the link or site The official website will appear.
  • Go on the official website and you will notice the sign-in option.
  • If you have an account then log in to the account.
  • If you don't have an account then besides that you will see create an account option.
  • Now click on create an account option. A form will appear on the next page.
  • There enter your first name, last name, email address, password, and other credentials.
  • Then submit the form and move forward. Then you will receive a confirmation mail at your email address.
  • Open the mail you have received, in that mail, you will receive a link.
  • Then click on that link and then the account is confirmed, you will receive a message of confirmation. Your account is created.

Roku device connected to the  TV:-
  • Unbox the Roku device and connect the Roku device with the TV.
  • Connect the device with the help of an HDMI cable.
  • Connect the one end to the TV and the other end to the Roku device.
  • Then switch on the tv and join the device cable to switch and switch on the device.
  • On the TV you will see the symbol. You will come to know that the device is successfully connected.
  • Further, you will see language settings. Select the language you want and move on further.
  • Then go into networks settings, connect to your WiFi and then enter the password of your WiFi.

Roku link code

  • When you connected the tv and Roku device switch on the TV and Roku device.
  • Then after that manage the language settings.
  • After that, you will see the six-digit link code on the TV, ex. U7GRRR.
  • Note down or keep the code displayed as it is. We will require it to connect the device to your account of Roku.

Connect account to device or tv:-

  • Now take the device where you have created your account.
  • Login to your account. Then in the corner, you will see the three lines which are menu lines.
  • Then at last in the menu, you will see the connect device option. Click on that option.
  • On the next page, the link code box will appear. There in the box enter the link code there in the box.
  • Then click on submit link option below. On the TV you will see that the device will connect to your Roku Account.
  • Here the account of Roku and the device of Roku are connected.

Buying of subscription on Roku:-

  • When you fill the account creating form below that you will see the add your bank account details option.
  • There you can add your bank details or rather skip the information.
  • When your free trial will get over it will automatically ask you to get the subscription then add your payment details and submit it and buy the subscription.